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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Everythings coming up baby food

I think everything in our kitchen is covered in a thin layer of baby food.
Including me.
Baby has developed some strange little obsessive behaviors in the last couple of weeks, one being that he thinks it's fun to spit his food out in a way that covers nanny, floor, and kitchen appliance, all with a laugh and a smile. The other thing he's doing now is chewing on EVERYTHING. Now, I don't know many other babies, but it seems that his razor teeth get into more than normal babies. Literally, nothing is safe from this kid. The other day I came back downstairs from the bathroom to find that he had somehow miraculously reached my McDonalds cup and chewed up the entire bottom of the cup. And a couple days ago I found him trying to chew on the fridge. Not the corner of the fridge, the front. Like the cold, hard, front of the fridge. He had his entire mouth open, trying to chew on the whole fridge. Then today, on a totally non-teeth related incident, he tried to actually crawl into the dishwasher. I mean, he is completely entranced by that thing. Every time it opens up he gets this crazy look in his eyes and sprints across the house to try to fully experience the wonder that is the open dishwasher. Same with the fridge. And it's a bit of a downer when you sit down to rock the sweet baby to sleep, and instead of cuddling up to his nanny, he's trying to crawl over me to try to chew on the top of the rocker. Strange kid.
Anyway, his big brother is home today. Mom was home to see his pre-going to school tantrum, and determined that he must be sick, for he was not acting like himself. I tried to nicely remind her that he'd thrown tantrums bigger and badder in past days and had gone to school all the same, but what Mom says goes, so here we are, at home with both kids all day. Which I don't mind, it is actually really nice to not have to drive the 2 hrs of New York driving I'd been doing every day. And nice to gain 2 more hours of productivity to my day. Too bad the 2 more hours are on a day when the kids are particularly crabby and needy. And that's nannying :) Gotta roll with it!
Got a new haircut last week. I am calling it the $100 haircut, because of the crazy journey of bad haircut decisions that finally led me to this particular haircut. It started out about 1 1/2 months ago with quick trim I decided to get while I was with the boys at the BARBERSHOP. I know, I know. It seemed like a good idea at the time. So of course the barbershop look didn't have much pizazz... in fact, it was basically a triangle shape on my head. Ok, so I did the ponytail thing for a couple weeks. It's hard to get to a haircut when you're with babies all day long! SOOOO when the baby was getting his manhood straightend out in a little urological surgery last month and I just had big brother, I decided to stop into a little beauty shop the Connecticut town that we happened to be hanging out in that day. He was in a good mood, we had plenty of time, I figured it was as good a time as any. Well, the people at the place we went didn't happen to speak English, so hand gestures were wildly used to indicate the "pizazz" I was looking for. I KNOW, I KNOW. What was I thinking? "This might be my only chance," that's what I was thinking! ALSO, to get a good haircut here it's 50 or 60 bucks. So I was really trying to get by cheap. So... that haircut made me look more like Little House on the Prairie/ Amish Girl than New York up-and-comer, so I had to break down and do a real salon haircut last week. Bringing the grand tally of money spent on a haircut to an impressive $100. LESSON LEARNED.
This weekend was pretty great. Friday I went out for "Girl's night" with Patrick's church. I visited his church a couple weeks ago and there was a signup for a girl's chocolate night, and they didn't seem to have anything against someone signing up that didn't actually attend the church, so I decided to go! And it was a blast. I mean, a blast. There were like 20 girls my age and a bit older there, all awesome Christian women. It was almost overload, because in the entire 9 months I've been here I've only met like 5, and then there were so many! In the same place! It was awesome. And it was at a chocolate restaurant that all women should try. A Chocolate. Restaurant. Enough said. So that was fun and I made a bunch of new friends.
Then on Sunday (Saturday I relaxed all day) I ended up going hiking with a bible study friend and her husband over by the Hudson river, and it was so fun. The REALLY funny thing was talking to them (they're Chinese, moved here from China 30 or so years ago) and their surprise at how "normal" the farm girl from Iowa was. In Mike's words "It's been so good for me to meet you! You aren't simple or boring at all! " (To which his wife hit him and scolded him in Chinese about how he can't say stuff like that.) Haha. Also, an almost-naked man was stumbling around the street outside our restaurant, so we kept joking about how we had the best seats in the house, we got dinner AND a free show! It was a wonderful, funny day.
Ok, I think that's about enough for now. The kids are up from naps now, so there will be lots of snacks to administer to crabby, just-woke-up children. YEAH! :) Alright, love you all.


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