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Friday, September 15, 2006

Road nanny rage

I tell you, people, there is no rage like a mother (or nanny) late for picking her kid up from school. I mean, before I started shuttling kids around, I was a pretty calm driver. Taking my sweet time and getting to wherever we were headed. WELL ,today I realized that the fear of being even a MINUTE late for picking up the kid at school and facing the scorn of other parents and even worse, teachers, can make any sane person go a little horn-honking crazy. Today I got to school early and thought I would maybe have enough time to run down to Dunkin Donuts and get a couple of "munchkins" (donut holes) to satisfy my sweet tooth and of course on the way back all sorts of crazies were blocking my way back to my sweet little boy.
WHILE I'M WRITING ABOUT THIS "SWEET BOY" I must mention that on Wednesday, this sweet boy had a 5 alarm tantrum in the parking lot of our townhouse complex. He got out of the van and collapsed in a blind toddler rage right there, screaming MOMMY, MOMMY! (that's what he yells when he's having a tantrum with his dad or me, like as if Mommy were here he'd be exempt from whatever travesty he's being subjected to, i.e. behaving himself.) It took 15 minutes of him screaming (after I moved him off the pking lot and to the sidewalk) and eventually even the neighbors got annoyed and closed the window. One of those moments where you have no idea what super-nanny would do and after trying numerous tactics, you just gotta throw the little monkey over your one free shoulder and get back to the house where they can tantrum without embarrassing the heck out of nanny "Stina."
Whew, so that was quite the experience.
Tonight I'm meeting some new friends in the city for dessert, so I'm getting all dressed up and heading down to Manhattan for that. Pretty excited... I've been watching "what not to wear" as religiously as ever, so of course in true Christina fashion I've planned out the perfect outfit and I am raring to go show it off in the city. :)
love u all


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